Akira Minute Week 9 - Revolutionary Cell

Guests - Sam Stovold and Barm

Sam Stovold links

Akira minute 41 - Dried Glue

Dr Onishi's team of scientists complete their check on the status of the cold chamber holding Akira, and Colonel Shikishima stands before it. With Sam Stovold and Barm.

Akira minute 42 - Cute Kaneda

Colonel Shikishima complains about the leaders of old Tokyo to Dr. Onishi. Kaneda tags along with Kei as she searches for Ryu in an empty apartment building. With Barm and Sam Stovold.

Akira minute 43 - Root Harbor

Kei's comrades lock Kaneda in a bathroom and discuss their next mission. With Sam Stovold and Barm.

Akira minute 44 - Grate Lighting

The revolutionary cell discovers Kaneda eavesdropping on them. With Barm and Sam Stovold.

Akira minute 45 - Rat Talk

Nezu opines to Ryu about the present and future of Neo Tokyo. With Sam Stovold and Barm.

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