Akira Minute Week 3 - Finding Takashi

Guests - Gordon Adams, Barm

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Akira minute 11 - Ability Castle

A strange boy's scream shatters the windows of a city block. He then disappears. Another strange boy tells an older man to head west. Kaneda and the Capsules chase the Clown gang through a highway tunnel, dodging handmade bombs. With Gordon Adams.

Akira minute 12 - Final Fantasy 7 Area

Tetsuo chases the Clown gang down the highway toward the old city. Ryu and Kei try to find each other in the middle of a demonstration while the police use water cannons and smoke bombs to quell the demonstrators. With Gordon Adams.

Akira minute 13 - Hotel Juraku

Tetsuo chases two Clown gang members down to their ends, but then crashes when he almost hits the strange boy who disappeared from the demonstration, who has the numbe4 "26" on the palm of his hand. With Gordon Adams.

Akira minute 14 - Marked Helicopters

Kaneda and the rest of the Capsules find Tetsuo and the strange boy, then helicopters appear above them. With Barm.

Akira minute 15 - A Few of My Favorite Things

Masaru tries to convince Takashi to come back. Soldiers pour out of the helicopters and surround the Capsule gang. With Barm.

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