Akira Minute Week 1 - Motorcycle Fight

Akira miinute 1 - The Apocalypse is Happening Today

In the first minute, we see the Toho logo, and then what looks like a map of Tokyo - but not the Tokyo we know.


Akira minute 2 - A Lot Going On

Welcome to Neo Tokyo, and one of its seediest bars, Harukiya.


Akira minute 3 - Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A couple of rough-looking characters enter the bar. One goes to the bar to ask for three "peanuts", and the other goes to the jukebox to talk to his friend.


Akira minute 4 - Peaky

Tetsuo admires his friend's motorcycle.


Akira minute 5 - Ebisu

Two motorcycle gangs clash on the streets of Neo Tokyo.


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