Akira Minute Week 6 - Testsuo on Kaneda's Bike

Guest - Barm

Akira minute 26 - Day Vibes

Testsuo escapes from the hospital, and Kaori does some laundry. With Barm.

Akira minute 27 - It's An Older Goat, But It Checks Out

Tetsuo and Kaori grab a bite to eat on a rooftop. The other Capsules get a self-study day. With Barm.

Akira minute 28 - Clown Trap

Tetsuo steals Kaneda's bike, then is attacked by some Clowns. With Barm.

Akira minute 29 - The Search for Tetsuo

The Clown gang gives Tetsuo and Kaori a hard time. With Barm.

Akira minute 30 - Reader's Digest

Tetsuo blows off some steam, and he and Kaneda have a heart to heart chat. With Barm.

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