Akira Minute Week 10 - Sneaking Into The Hospital

Guest - Kevin Young

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Akira minute 46 - Gojira Glue

Police break up Miyako's demonstration, and the Supreme Executive Council discuss Colonel Shikishima's budget request. With Kevin Young.

Akira minute 47 - Akira Madness

The council continues to debate Colonel Shikishima's request. One council member questions how well the Colonel has been doing his job. With Kevin Young.

Akira minute 48 - Sweatsuo

The council tells Colonel Shikishima he is to be put before an inquiry committee, and he abruptly leaves the meeting. Tetsuo tosses and turns in his hospital bed. With Kevin Young.

Akira minute 49 - Big Easter Egg

Tetsuo drinks some water and finds a teddy bear in his bed. The resistance cell talks their way past security. With Kevin Young.

Akira minute 50 - Klingon Opera

The resistance cell members walk through the security gates into the government facility. Small toys crawl up onto Tetsuo's bed. With Kevin Young.

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