Akira Minute Week 22 - Tetsuo Overgrown

Guest - Eric Ambler

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Akira minute 106 - The Fellas Know

Kaneda grazes Tetsuo with a laser cannon shot. The psychic children appear on the scene. With Eric Ambler.


Akira minute 107 - Burrito Gun

Kaneda scores a laser shot which Tetsuo deflects with his new metal arm. Kiyoko heralds the coming of Akira as the sample jars begin to bubble. Tetsuo's body suddenly grows monstrously huge. With Eric Ambler.


Akira minute 108 - Trapper Keeper

Tetsuo's body reaches out and engulfs Kaori and Kaneda. The psychic children sit concentrating in front of the Akira samples. Tetsuo pleads for help from Kaneda as his body crushes Kaori to death. With Eric Ambler.


Akira minute 109 - Of All the Cells I've Encountered

By shooting through it with his laser gun, Kaneda manages to escape the ever-growing mass of flesh that Tetsuo has become. The fountain of flesh approaches Colonel Shikishima, who tries to warn the psychic children. Meanwhile Dr. Onishi stares at the pattern projected in his mobile lab. With Eric Ambler.


Akira minute 110 - Gut Powder

Tetsuo almost engulfs the Colonel and the psychic children, but the canisters break open and Akira appears. With Eric Ambler.


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